About Us

Sherelle Paul-de Bourg – Writer
Dominic de Bourg – Illustrator

As “islanders” Dominic and Sherelle quickly realized when searching for books for their newborn son, that there was virtually nothing with relevant content available when it came to teaching about life in the Caribbean.

So, Sherelle dusted off her writing skills, and put pen to paper… and as for Dominic, it was easy for him being a graphic artist by profession. Both always wanted to work on something rewarding with each other, and parenthood provided this amazing opportunity.

Kiskiddy aims to highlight everything that may encompass life as you grow up in the Caribbean; to capture the vibrant colours, the beautiful animals, the unique professions and the simple pleasures that come with a sense of togetherness through various mediums of relationships.

We hope you enjoy our productions, as much as we enjoy creating them!